Tipping Point Box and three cartridges

Tipping Point - NEW!

Match grade accuracy combined with a payoff of extreme terminal results. The very best cases, primers, and powder, topped off with the new GAMECHANGER hunting bullet from Sierra Bullets, painstakingly formulated to achieve maximum accuracy and performance for each of the nine most popular calibers. An extraordinary cartridge providing an ultimate advantage. www.HSMammunition.com

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HSM Code
Bullet Weight (Grs.)
Rounds Per Box
Cartridge Type
243 WinchesterHSM-243-21-N9081074202696720Rifle
6mm CreedmoorHSM-6Creedmoor-3-N9081074202697420Rifle
6.5mm CreedmoorHSM-65Creedmoor-4-N13081074202696720Rifle
.270 WinchesterHSM-270-16-N14081074202699820Rifle
7mm-08 RemingtonHSM-7mm08-11-N16581074202700120Rifle
7mm Remington Mag.HSM-7mmMAG-26-N16581074202701820Rifle
.308 WinchesterHSM-308-47-N16581074202691220Rifle
.30-06 SpringfieldHSM-30-06-45-N16581074202691220Rifle