Cowboy Action box with three cartridges

Cowboy Action

Maybe you’re involved with formal, sanctioning organizations for Cowboy Action shooting. Maybe you just like to go out on a weekend and shoot the “Guns that Won the West” or that your favorite TV and movie cowboy heroes toted. Either way, HSM has you covered. More calibers. More selection. Both pistol and rifle. Each round crafted with cowboy integrity and grit. A perseverance-for-perfection cowboy spirit. Perfect for your personal cowboy pistols and rifles. And, HSM is always affordable.

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HSM Code
Bullet Weight (Grs.)
Bullet Description
Rounds Per Box
Cartridge Type
30-30 WinchesterHSM-30-30-6-N165Round Nose Flat Point-Hard120052881074202230320Rifle
30-40 KragHSM-30-40Krag-8-N165Round Nose Flat Point-Hard81074202231020Rifle
32-20 WinchesterHSM-32-20Win-1-N115Round Nose Flat Point-Soft85018583730600489650Handgun
32-40 WinchesterHSM-32-40-2-N170Round Nose Flat Point-Hard81041202232720Rifle
357 MagnumHSM-357-1-N158Semi Wad Cutter-Hard117548483730600085050Handgun
38 SpecialHSM-38-5-N158Round Flat Point-Low-velocity84024883730600481050Handgun
38-40 Win.HSM-38-40-1-N180Round Nose Flat Point-Soft93034683730600490250Handgun
38-55 WinchesterHSM-38-55-1-N240Round Nose Flat Point-Hard132593683730600492620Rifle
41 Remington MagnumHSM-41-1-N210Semi Wad Cutter-Hard96943883730600605050Handgun
44 MagnumHSM-44M-11-N200Round Nose Flat Point-Hard97542283730600484150Handgun
44 MagnumHSM-44M-1-N240Semi Wad Cutter-Hard115070583730600503950Handgun
44 RussianHSM-44R-1-N200Round Nose Flat Point-Hard81529583730600888750Handgun
44 S&W SpecialHSM-44S-5-N200Round Nose Flat Point-Hard85032183730600482750Handgun
44 S&W SpecialHSM-44S-1-N240Semi Wad Cutter-Hard84538183730600483450Handgun
44-40HSM-44-40-1-N200Round Nose Flat Point-Hard85332383730600491950Rifle
45 ColtHSM-45C-1-N250Round Nose Flat Point-Hard86041183730600272450Handgun
45 ColtHSM-45C-2-N200Round Nose Flat Point-Hard75025083730600552750Handgun
45 SchofieldHSM-45S-1-N200Round Nose Flat Point-Hard70021883730600493350Handgun
45-70 GovtHSM-45-70-2-N405Round Nose Flat Point-Hard-TLG1300152083730600222920Rifle