HSM Ammunition


Handgunners tend to be serious, dedicated shooters. They want their “short cannons” to perform to their utmost abilities. That’s where HSM comes forward. For Home and Self Defense, Train and defend with confidence with HSM. If Cowboy Action is your game, HSM answers your ammo needs. With the popularity of handgun hunting on the rise, take a hard look at HSM’s Pro Pistol Hunter line. Bear Loads to stop a dangerous situation NOW! HSM has it all for handguns.

Bear Load

It pays to be ever-vigilant. Especially in territory that could prove to be treacherous. That's why HSM's exclusive Bear Load has been a popular seller since its introduction.

Pro Pistol

The ultimate for dedicated handgun hunters. Available in the very best eight calibers to consider for big-bore handgun hunting. Each load calibrated to maximize performance and accuracy.

Cowboy Action

When ya’ll round 'em up and count 'em, who has more to offer a cowboy than HSM? More calibers. More selection. Both pistol and rifle.


An important aspect of becoming a proficient shooter—practice. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? With HSM, you can practice, practice, practice and not break the bank.


How important is your choice of ammunition for home protection and self-defense? Critical! HSM provides the all-important solution to answering that question. For training and stand-ready employment both.


Where a ricochet or pass through could be of concern, HSM produces Frangible ammunition for training or in-home use. When critical situations leave no room for error.

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