Dangerous Game box with three cartridges

Dangerous Game

Virtually every hunter to take firearm to field has dreamed of trekking to Africa, or other exotic locale, to pursue a dangerous game animal. If that dream comes true for you, you'll want to pack HSM's Dangerous Game ammunition. Each load has been carefully refined, utilizing a meticulous loading process developed from years of hands-on experience to assure maximum performance, on each and every shot. HSM's Dangerous Game load is what you must have chambered when you live your dream.

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HSM Code
Bullet Weight (Grs.)
Bullet Description
Rounds Per Box
Cartridge Type
375 H&HHSM-375HH-2-N250Spitzer Boat Tail GameKing2949482981074202150420Rifle
375 H&HHSM-375HH-9-N300Spitzer Boat Tail GameKing81074202385020Rifle
416 Remington MagHSM-416Rem-1-N400Round Nose Interlock2380503281074202155920Rifle
416 RigbyHSM-416Rigby-1-N400Round Nose Interlock2380503281074202157320Rifle
458 Winchester MagHSM-458WinMag-4-N388Trophy Bonded Soft Point2400496481074202169620Rifle
458 Winchester MagHSM-458WinMag-5-N500Trophy Bonded Flat Nose2141509081074202173320Rifle
458 Winchester MagHSM-458WinMag-1-N500Round Nose Soft Point Interlock2100489781074202170220Rifle
458 Winchester MagHSM-458WinMag-3-N350Jacketed Flat Nose2532498481074202168920Rifle
458 Winchester MagHSM-458WinMag-8-N350Flat Point Interlock81074202171920Rifle