HSM Ammunition


The year was 1968 when Bill and Catherine Campbell decided to start up ammunition manufacturing in a tiny town in Montana. The company would eventually be known as HSM Ammunition. Initial sales were to the law enforcement community. By word of mouth alone, the company’s reputation rapidly began to grow. Larger departments came on board, commercial sales began, and business was booming for the little company that could.

As the decades passed, more calibers were added and soon HSM had expanded into the full realm of the shooting sports experience. Partnerships were formed with renowned components manufacturers such as Sierra and Berger. Recent years have seen HSM become one of the true innovators within the industry. Low Recoil, Bear Load, Trophy Gold, Game King, and Pro Pistol Hunter cartridges are excellent exemplars of this fact.

Over these past 50 years, HSM has earned a well-deserved stellar reputation with hunters, law enforcement, military, and recreational shooters world-wide. With an ever-present passion for accuracy, today HSM is manufacturing superlative cartridges for virtually every caliber of semi-auto pistols, revolvers, and rifles. As Johnny Carson would say on “The Tonight Show” back in 1968, there’s “More to come!”

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