HSM Ammunition


Low Recoil

What makes the HSM Low Recoil rifle rounds so radically different, so unique, is they all feature full, standard weight-for-caliber hunting bullets! There is no compromise in performance and accuracy when compared to bullets found topping other low recoil ammunition. A “Magic Bullet,” indeed! HSM partnered with world-renowned Sierra Bullets in developing these HSM proprietary bullets featuring a distinct HSM orange polymer tip. They are as technologically advanced as has yet been encountered. Shoots great! Less Recoil!
HSM Code
Bullet Weight (Grs.)
Bullet Description
Rounds Per Box
Cartridge Type
243 WinchesterHSM-243-18-N85Low Recoil234081074202470320Rifle
65 Creedmoor65Creedmoor-6-N Low Recoil22351695810742022727820Rifle
270 WinchesterHSM-270-14-N130Low Recoil231881074202471020Rifle
30-06 SpringfieldHSM-30-06-42-N150Low Recoil237381074202475820Rifle
300 Winchester MagHSM-300WinMAG-42-N150Low Recoil239881074202476520Rifle
308 WinchesterHSM-308-44-N150Low Recoil235081074202474120Rifle
7mm Remington MagHSM-7mmMAG-24-N140Low Recoil232081074202473420Rifle
7mm-08 RemingtonHSM-7mm08-10-N140Low Recoil226181074202472720Rifle
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