Low Recoil box with three cartridges

Low Recoil

What makes the HSM Low Recoil rifle rounds so radically different, so unique, is they all feature full, standard weight-for-caliber hunting bullets! There is no compromise in performance and accuracy when compared to bullets found topping other low recoil ammunition. A “Magic Bullet,” indeed! HSM partnered with world-renowned Sierra Bullets in developing these HSM proprietary bullets featuring a distinct HSM orange polymer tip. They are as technologically advanced as has yet been encountered. Shoots great! Less Recoil!

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HSM Code
Bullet Weight (Grs.)
Bullet Description
Rounds Per Box
Cartridge Type
243 WinchesterHSM-243-18-N85Low Recoil234081074202470320Rifle
65 Creedmoor65Creedmoor-6-N Low Recoil22351695810742022727820Rifle
270 WinchesterHSM-270-14-N130Low Recoil231881074202471020Rifle
30-06 SpringfieldHSM-30-06-42-N150Low Recoil237381074202475820Rifle
300 Winchester MagHSM-300WinMAG-42-N150Low Recoil239881074202476520Rifle
308 WinchesterHSM-308-44-N150Low Recoil235081074202474120Rifle
7mm Remington MagHSM-7mmMAG-24-N140Low Recoil232081074202473420Rifle
7mm-08 RemingtonHSM-7mm08-10-N140Low Recoil226181074202472720Rifle