HSM Ammunition


When a company has been around since 1968, you figure they’ve learned a thing or two to still be going strong. That’s HSM Ammunition. When it comes to rifle ammunition, HSM is always the right choice. Name any type of rifle shooting and HSM has a cartridge to fully handle the conditions and situation. And no, HSM has never sat on its laurels. HSM has always been as innovative as any ammo company going. That’s a fact.


The relatively new .350 Legend has been gaining in popularity at a rather startling pace. HSM has thus produced not one, but two iterations to add to the straight- walled cartridges now in demand from changes in certain hunting regulations.


HSM Ammunition is proud to introduce a new line of extraordinary hunting cartridges that changes the paradigm of what to expect from factory loads. NEW! TIPPING POINT.


When only the best will suffice, choose Trophy Gold. Select powders are chosen to maintain maximum velocity across extended distances. Matched with world-renowned Berger VLD bullets. Amazing results!


An entire lineup of fine hunting ammunition featuring time-honored Sierra GameKing/Pro-Hunter bullets. Whatever your quarry, HSM has a Game King cartridge for you. Available in 47 calibers.


Shoots Great! Less Recoil! Only HSM offers this Low Recoil breakthrough. Featuring HSM proprietary world-renowned Sierra standard weight-for-caliber hunting bullets. Available in the 7 most popular hunting calibers.


Lead free rifle ammunition featuring famed Barnes TSX bullets that allows you to shoot or hunt where “restrictions may apply.” With no sacrifice in quality, accuracy, or performance.


Classic is a standard, every day, general purpose collection. Available in a wide variety of calibers (rifle and handgun), loads, and bullet types/weights. Quality at a reasonable price.


For that “Adventure of a Lifetime.” Available in .375 H&H, .416 Rem. Mag., .416 Rigby, and .458 Win. Mag. When the stakes are incredibly high, depend on HSM.


HSM Varmint loads employ the same degree of engineering thoroughness as articulate HSM Match ammo. Accuracy again is at the apex of consideration when each component is chosen.


HSM’s vaunted Match ammunition has been known for leaving the big-name competitors anywhere close. The best components, time-honored crafting, make the difference. Available in a whopping 23 calibers

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