Pro Pistol Hunter box with three cartridges

Pro Pistol

There has been a renewed interest and reinvigoration of handgun hunting. HSM has been at the forefront of this movement. Each load is calibrated to each specific caliber as only the experience of HSM makes possible. When hunting with a handgun, precision and performance become paramount. These loads will accomplish that job. Featuring exclusively: premium jacketed Sierra bullets. Reliability and accuracy you can trust. Get the very most possible out of your hunting handgun with HSM's Pro Pistol Hunter ammunition.

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HSM Code
Bullet Weight (Grs.)
Bullet Description
Rounds Per Box
Cartridge Type
10mm AutoHSM-10mm-15-N180Jacketed Hollow Point81074202362150Handgun
357 MagnumHSM-357-22-N158Jacketed Soft Point81074202360750Handgun
357 MagnumHSM-357-23-N158Jacketed Hollow Cavity81074202361450Handgun
41 Remington MagnumHSM-41-6-N210Jacketed Hollow Cavity81074202363850Handgun
44 MagnumHSM-44M-18-N240Jacketed Hollow Cavity81074202365250Handgun
44 MagnumHSM-44M-17-N300Soft Point81074202364550Handgun
45 ColtHSM-45C-9-N300Jacketed Soft Point81074202366950Handgun
454 CasullHSM-454C-5-N300Jacketed Soft Point81074202367650Handgun
460 S&WHSM-460SW-5-N300Jacketed Soft Point81074202368320Handgun
500 S&WHSM-500SW-9-N400Jacketed Soft Point81074202369020Handgun