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The HSM Frangible line is comprised of standard handgun calibers—.38 Spl., .357 Mag., 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm—plus .223 Rem. and .308 Win. For those tight places where over-penetration could well be problematical. Sintered (compressed) copper bullets leaving no more than 5 grain pieces solve that problem. The other components—cases, primers, powders—are of the very highest quality. And, as can be expected with all HSM ammunition, the same meticulous, careful, crafting of each and every round assembled.
HSM Code
Bullet Weight (Grs.)
Bullet Weight (Grs.)
Bullet Description
Rounds Per Box
Cartridge Type
10mm AutoHSM-10mm-RR-14-N125Reduced Hazard Flat Point120040083730600886350Handgun
223 RemingtonHSM-223-RR-1242Reduced Hazard Wide Taper Point279172783730600932750Rifle
223 RemingtonHSM-223-RR-12-N42Reduced Hazard Wide Taper Point279172783730600485850Rifle
223 RemingtonHSM-223-RR-1855Reduced Hazard Wide Taper Point280095883730600935850Rifle
223 RemingtonHSM-223-RR-18-N55Reduced Hazard Wide Taper Point280095883730600936550Rifle
308 WinchesterHSM-308-RR-31-N125Reduced Hazard Narrow Taper Point3000249983730600486520Rifle
38 SpecialHSM-38-RR-21-N110Reduced Hazard Flat Point106527783730600479750Handgun
40 S&WHSM-40-RR-14125Reduced Hazard Flat Point118038783730600504650Handgun
40 S&WHSM-40-RR-14-N125Reduced Hazard Flat Point118038783730600505350Handgun
40 S&WHSM-40-RR-14LF125Reduced Hazard Flat Point118038781074202243350Handgun
40 S&WHSM-40-RR-14LF-N125Reduced Hazard Flat Point118038783730600480350Handgun
45 ACPHSM-45A-RR-5155Reduced Hazard Flat Point92529583730600896250Handgun
45 ACPHSM-45A-RR-5-N155Reduced Hazard Flat Point92529583730600897950Handgun
9mm LugerHSM-9mm-RR-20100Reduced Hazard Flat Point121532883730600579450Handgun
9mm LugerHSM-9mm-RR-20-N100Reduced Hazard Flat Point121532883730600580050Handgun
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