350 Legend Box and Cartridge


The first of the new .350 Legend rounds features a 170 grain Hornady Interlock bullet. Its reliable stopping power has earned the Interlock a sterling world-wide reputation as a bullet for serious hunters. Muzzle velocity clocks in at 2,335 ft./sec. and muzzle energy is 2,058 ft./lbs. This round has a .215 ballistic coefficient.

Next up is a 147 grain cartridge featuring the Speer IHP bullet producing maximum expansion and weight retention while improving bullet feeding. A great hunting and personal defense bullet. This round carries a .212 ballistic coefficient while speeding along at 2,447 ft./sec. and developing a muzzle energy fo 1,958 ft./lbs.

As with all HSM ammunition, you can be assured these two new .350 Legend cartridges will perform with the highest reliability and, of course, prove exceedingly accurate. That’s simply the HSM Ammunition way of producing all of its product.

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HSM Code
Bullet Weight (Grs.)
Bullet Description
Rounds Per Box
Cartridge Type
350 Legend147Speer UHP24471958Rifle
350 Legend170Hornady Interlock23352058Rifle