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HSM 6.5C Trophy Gold

Jay Pinsky takes Mossberg's Patriot Predator and HSM's 6.5C Trophy Gold on a hunt for Alabama Whitetail.


Armory Life article

HSM Ammo: An Overlooked Gem

Mark Hampton, Editor of The Armory Life writes about HSM Ammunition.


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HSM Ammunition Live with Gun Talk at NASGW 2021

Boyd Metz of HSM Ammunition talks all things ammo with Gun Talk's Kevin


Article Personal Defense World

PDW Reviews HSM Ammo for Henry X Model

Personal Defense World recently reviews Bear Load and Cowboy Action for the Henry Big Boy X Model. See the attached article. 


Grizzly Bear looking through trees

Bear Country

Occasionally one of our customers share an amazing story. Please read about Ken Ledeau's encounter with a bear while walking in the Dupuyer, Montana area. 


Image of person range Shooting with Low Recoil ammo

Handloader Magazine Reviews Low Recoil 6.5 Creedmoor

Handloader Magazine took our Low Recoil 6.5 Creedmoor out for a test run. They tested through three different rifles, a Ruger, Iowa, and AR-10.


Image of stacked 45 Colt Cartridges


Due to increasing concerns over COVID-19, we have resulted in closing our front office for walk-in traffic. We are still here producing ammunition as quickly and efficiently as ever. We are asking that if you would like to purchase ammunition that you call ahead and pay for by credit card, we will be glad to bring it out to your car. We appreciate your time and cooperation with this as we work through this uncharted territory. If we can all work together, do our part, we will flatten this curve and be back to a normality in no time. Have your best day yet! HSM crew


Pro Pistol Hunter Box and Cartridge

American Rifleman Reviews Pro Pistol Hunter
One Shot Is All You Got — Make it Count

The idea is to take a factory cartridge, insert it into a single-shot handgun and make a one-shot kill at an ethical distance on a whitetail deer. Not so hard, right?


Guns Magazine Tests Pro Pistol Hunter

Guns Magazine Tests Pro Pistol Hunter

Guns Magazine Tests Pro Pistol Hunter with S&W's Model 610.


Guns & Gear video still

Guns & Gear Review Hand Gun Ammo

Tom and Ryan Gresham review HSM Pro Pistol Hunter ammunition on Guns & Gear.


Image of landscape with rifle barrel

Let’s go shoot some critters!

It’s time to go out where “the deer and the antelope play.” Except you can’t shoot any deer or antelope now. There are a passel of varmints out. If you have a .223 Rem., try HSM’s Varmint Blue, “the little Blue Thrill.” HSM has all the other calibers covered, as well. 25 separate caliber offerings. Go have FUN with HSM!


Image of angry grizzly bear

It’s been a long winter - bears emerging from hibernation

When spring arrives and the snow begins to melt, bears start to wake up after months of hibernation. In territory that could prove to be treacherous in a heartbeat, it pays to be ever-vigilant and always ready. That's why HSM's exclusive Bear Load has been a most popular seller since its introduction in 2011.


Image of man with rifle in the woods, Tipping Point box and cartridge overlay

Gotta Have Your Green!

This good Irish lad took some off time to discover just how well HSM’s new Tipping Point, featuring emerald green tipped Sierra GAMECHANGER bullets, will perform in his hunting rifle.  As touted, the accuracy was wicked good and that bullet will result in devastating effectiveness.  Now, back home for corned beef, cabbage, and a Guinness!


FMG video products video intro still

Celebrating 50 years of making high-grade ammunition, HSM Ammunition makes a statement.


2018 HSM brochure cover

This online rendition of our 2018 catalog can be downloaded for your casual reading pleasure. The catalog will provide you with a slightly different perspective of the HSM Ammunition line from the website content.


HSM Ammunition, out of Stevensville, MT, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary!  Fifty years of hard work, grit, determination,
and. . .achievement.