Ammo Status December 2014

The end of 2014 brings a slowdown in the mad frenzy of ammunition buying/hoarding we’ve all been experiencing the past several years. It will still be some time before the market returns to normal so there will be some shortages until component (mostly brass) manufacturers catch up.

The good news is we finally have some 300 RUM Trophy Gold™ on the shelves with more to follow at the beginning of the year. We will also have 300 Win Mag next year and from then on there shouldn’t be a shortage for that cartridge.

We are receiving a shipment of 300 Blackout brass this month and ammo will be on the shelves very shortly.

For the shooters with those old Savage Model 99’s we’ve made a small run of 303 Savage and will make a larger run early in the year. That’s especially good news for all the Canadians that have had those rifles stuck away in a closet for so many years because there hasn’t been any ammo.

Next year we will have a few new dealers in Canada importing ammo to help satisfy the demand up North.