5 Tips for Taking a Great Trophy Photo

     Many factors contribute to a well-shot trophy photo.  Lighting, focus, flash, and many other things can make or break a picture.  With todays point and shoot cameras that are easy to use you can still take a great image that will capture that special moment perfectly. Experience is the best tool to have.  However, even first-timers can take professional photos if they follow a few practical tips:#muledeer #easternmontana #hunting #deerhunting #montana #hsmammo #huntingshack # sitkagear #badlandsofmontana

Take lots of pictures.  The more pictures you take the better the chance that one will be exactly what you want. Look at the framing and check shots afterwards to make sure you captured what you wanted to.  And not only posed shots, try taking photos from high and low angles as well as different focal lengths. So keep your finger on the shutter-button and be ready for whatever happens.#deerhunting #buck #whitetaildeer #montana #hsmammo #huntingshack #riflehunting #westernmontana #biggame #sitkagear

Respect the animal.   At the end of the hunt, you may feel a great deal of accomplishment to have bagged your prize, but stay classy.  Don’t straddle your animal.  Keep your pictures dignified, eliminating as much blood as possible.  If the animal’s tongue is visible, conceal it.  One easy thing to pack in your bag to help with this is a micro fiber cloth and some water, it goes a long way to help clean up blood. You would be surprised at what a difference these minor details can make.#elkhunting #bullelk #antlers #hsmammo #gun #rifle #huntingshack #westernmontana

Be mindful of the background.  If the background is too busy, it could distract from the animal.  The sky is usually your best option for good contrast between the animal and the backdrop.  Also, let the background reflect the hunt.  If you killed an animal in a forest, don’t take your picture in a field.  The terrain can tell a lot about your pursuit and story.  However don’t let the background reveal your hunting spot, be mindful of land marks that will tell other hunters where to go.#hsmammo #muledeer #antlers #bigbuck #easternmontana #badlandsofmontana #sitkagear #vortexoptics #hunting #deerhunting #antlers

Enhance your trophy’s features.  Always play up your advantages.  If your deer has tall tines, take profile shots of the side to show off those tines.  A photo head-on may not show this as well.  Everyone wants to see the best parts of your trophy, so be sure and show them clearly. Make sure all the tines are visible so as to enhance your trophy.#talltines #muledeer #hunting #bigbuck #deerhunting #easternmontana #huntmontana #hsmammo

Take care with your firearms.  Of course you may want to show the firearms that you killed the animal with.  Displaying your weapon is fine.  But keep safety in mind at all times.  A great photo could be ruined simply because a gun is situated in a dangerous position.  Even if nothing happens at the moment, the picture will always portray a juvenile lack of awareness. #hsmammo #hunting #deerhunting #muledeer #sitkagear #easternmontana #huntingshack

     Anyone can take a great picture if they remember these tips.  You want a picture that best displays the memory of the hunt and your success. With just a few adjustments, you can take a picture that will retain every moment of an eventful and memorable hunt.  Share with us your success stories on the HSM Facebook wall as well as look for upcoming photo contests on the Facebook Page

-Jay Siske